3 Bedroom ADA

3 Bedroom Townhomes

3 Bedroom Townhomes

Kokomo – Trailside Townhomes

Trailside Townhomes located in Kokomo, Indiana is now open and ready for you to move in! The property has 45 three-bedroom apartments with 6 of those as all one level ADA units. Trailside is an affordable property with income limits in place. We accept current Section 8 voucher holders or project-based vouchers are available through the Kokomo Housing Authority. Contact us today to see if you qualify or download the rental application.

Property Contact Information:

Address:1225 S. Union St. Kokomo, IN 46902
Property Manager:Kim Mooney

Quick Facts


Kokomo, IN

Sources of Funding:


HOME Loan:


Development Loan Fund:


Deferred Developer Fee:


Tax Credit Investor:

PR Mortgage & Investments

Unit Count:


Unit Sizes:

1282 SF

Demographic Group Served:

Low Income

Projected & Actual Cost:
Projected Cost:


Actual Cost:


Timely Delivery:
Contracted Begin/End

Feb 2019 / Mar 2020

Actual Begin/End

Feb 2019/Pending

Client Reference:

Evansville Housing Authority, IHCDA